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Welcome to Circle of Security - 
a different kind of 
parenting program.
Whether you are a parent with a child who challenges you, you have a really great kid and you want to deepen your connection, or you are a new parent seeking to raise a securely attached child, the Circle of Security Parenting Program will help you discover how to connect with your child, re-connect with your teenager, or deepen the existing great relationship you already have.
Relationships are about connection.  This parenting program is unlike any you have been involved in before.  Behaviour CAN be managed without punishment. Children can do what they're asked the first time and parents can get through a day without yelling.
What is Circle of Security Parenting?
Circle of Security® Parenting™ is a parent-reflection program offering the core components of the evidence-based and internationally acclaimed Circle of Security program. 
Founders of the Circle of Security Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman and Bert Powell have worked together since 1985 and were friends for a decade before that.  
Co-parenting for Your Kids is proud to be able to bring you the Circle of Security as a 2 weekend in person group training OR as a 1-on01 coaching of 8 sessions over 12 weeks OR 4-Day in person Retreat at a 5 Star Luxury Resort. There's a format to suit every budget and every family.  
Discover how to create a secure attachment with your child which will lead to a deeper connection and greater ability to manage problematic behaviour. The program presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in care giving, and animated graphics designed to clarify principles central to Circle of Security. This Parenting Program implements decades of attachment research in an accessible step-by-step process for use in group settings, individual private sessions and even as a 4 day luxury Retreat.
Whether you're a new parent wishing to do the very best you can for your newborn, you've a strong willed and headstrong wild-child-toddler, a primary school aged child who seems to get more difficult to manage each day, or a teenager you're worried will stray so far away from you that you'll no longer have any influence over them at all, there's something for each of us in the Circle of Security Parenting Program. As an experienced facilitator, 
Kirsty Petersen will support you to understand secure attachment so you can enjoy deeper connections with your kids.
How Can We Help You?
4 Day Retreat, 5 Star Luxury
Our children are the people who are most important to us.  It's hard to find time on the jam packed weekend to attend a course. And if you do manage to attend, then you're thrown straight back into the chaos of family life as soon as it's finished.
Join us for the Circle of Security Retreat.  All retreats run during school holiday times.  This means you can bring your children (and your partner if you like!) and discover how to create secure connections with your child in a relaxed atmosphere.  Should you need it, child care is available.  Attend the workshop either in the morning or the afternoon and then spend the rest of the day practising your new skills and playing with your children.  
Of course,  you can always come alone, soak up the 'me' time and go home rejuvenated ready to apply your new skills.  If you do choose to come alone, we suggest you take advantage of the coaching sessions so you have support once you get home. 
Kirsty Petersen – Circle of Security Parenting Program Facilitator, Family Mediator, Conflict Coach, Author and best of all - "Mum!"
Your Circle of Security Parenting Program Facilitator
I have been practising Circle of Security parenting program principles for many years.  As an experienced program facilitator, I support families all over the world, to deepen their connection with their children and change the way they manage problematic and challenging behaviour.
It doesn't matter if your child is newly born, or well into their teens, whether you're here because of your first child or your youngest child, the Circle of Security Parenting Program will change the way you interact and engage with all your children - even if they're already great kids!
Not only have I seen this program absolutely change the relationship between many parents and children, I am constantly in awe of how it changes the relationship I have with my own children. 
What will attending this workshop do for you?
  •  Respond to difficult behaviours in ways that create resilience
  •  Cease the battles of 'will'
  •  Identify your child's emotional needs
  •  Recognise and understand your child's emotional needs
  •  Improve your child's self esteem, school readiness and relationships with others
  •  Support your child's independence
  •  Support your child's need for closeness and intimacy
  •  Promote the development of empathy in your child
  •  Understand why sometimes your child's behaviours cause strong reactions in you
  •  Discover a new way to handle your child's emotional 'meltdowns'
  •  Discover a new approach to take when your child 'acts' out'
What Our Clients Say
I attended a Circle of Security Parenting Workshop facilitated by Kirsty.  It was worth making the time to come to all three sessions because they were all so different.  The way I see my children's behaviour has totally changed.  The workshop has helped me understand so many things - and not just about my children! 
I have had periods in the last few weeks where there were no meltdowns and I haven't EVER had a parenting relationship with my child like the one I have now.  I know it will only improve with the coaching I am doing with Kirsty.
She is brilliant and I am so grateful I attended this workshop.  Thank you Kirsty! 


Yes! I want to make things different.
What now?
The circle of Security Retreat, is a 4 day immersive experience, held at a 5 Star location with all meals and accommodation for you, included.

We run two sessions each day - one from 9am and another from 1pm.  You'll need to choose whether you're attending in the morning or the afternoon sessions.

How you spend the rest of the day is up to you.  If you bring your children, you can practice your new skills while playing with your kids and have the opportunity to discuss any issues or problems and celebrate new successes, the next day at the course.

If you would like to bring your children and partner, we suggest your partner participate in the other session so that you're both on the same page with your parenting.  Discounts apply for families where both parents attend the retreat.

If you come with your children but without your partner, child minding is available for while you're participating in the course.  Accommodation for children is not included in the course fee but we can arrange accommodation that includes your children.  We will liaise with you regarding this.

If the course is run in your home town, and you'd prefer not to include food and accommodation, that can be arranged.

If you agree that attending the 4 Day Retreat is the best way for you, your children and even your partner to experience the Circle of Security, click the JOIN US button.  

Next you'll be taken to a page where you enter your details so we can set up a time to talk you through how the workshop is run, what is included, and how the inclusions are organised and booked. 

There are a number of retreat options available, from New York, Bali, Los Angeles and Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia.
From The Blog
circle of security
What Circle of Security ISN'T. 
Circle of Security is many things, but here are some of the things it isn't:

You may think it's strange to have a section that tells you not to join us, but we are 100% committed to supporting families to raise securely attached children who enjoy deep connections with their parents. We want as many parents as possible who need this program to have access and if you're with us for the wrong reason, or think it is something that it isn't, there's a family who missed out. All the groups are small, so that we can connect and learn from each other. Every parent needs to want to be there or they're taking up the spot of another parent who needs the program. We want to work with families who want to work with us and make their relationship with their child deeper, stronger and more connected. So, if you are looking for any of the following, please choose a different program.

1. An easy, 'tick-n-flick' course to get your ex or the Court off your back. Please, unless you're genuinely wanting to improve the relationship you have with your child (even if it's already great!), don't come to this course.  

2. You will not learn how to dominate your child. You will not learn how to ignore negative behaviour and praise the behaviour you want to see. If you think you need a program like that, this isn't the one for you.

3. A magic solution. This program absolutely works to create connection between children and parents. However, it won't happen overnight. You absolutely can see change after just one session, but long lasting change takes a long term approach. If you're looking for a quick fix, please, look elsewhere (that said, many parents report immediate change, but you do need to stick with it and keep evolving).

4. A course where you can blame everyone else. Circle of Security is about YOUR relationship with your child so you need to be able to look at what you're doing, how you're reacting and be honest with yourself. If you don't think you have the ability to look inside yourself, then you should reconsider joining us.

As we said, we are 100% committed to supporting families. We know this program works. If you're ready to connect with your child on a deeper level, Join Us NOW!
How is the course run? 
Choose to access the course in any of the 3 formats:

1. Small groups of up to 12 parents, with sessions over 2 weeks. The greatest benefit of this delivery is not just that you can share and learn with other parents, but this is also the most affordable option.

2. One-to-one personalised sessions - the biggest benefit with this option is the ability to schedule the weekly sessions at a time that suits you. Each session is no longer than 90 minutes, so they're easier to fit into your day. There are 8 sessions over 12 weeks.

3. Small groups of up to 12 parents, as a 5 Star Luxury Retreat. There are 4 sessions over 4 days - choose either morning or afternoon sessions. The greatest benefit to choosing the Luxury Retreat is that you can either bring your children with you and have a mini-break (child care is available) and practise the things you learn so that when you come the next day, you're able to discuss, problem solve and reflect on what is working and what needs more exploration. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to spend some time on you - attend the course, relax, indulge, and go home reinvigorated and ready to create deeper connections with your child. If you do come alone, you may wish to consider adding the coaching package to support your journey once you're home.   
The Circle of Security Luxury Retreat is the premium package and absolutely the best way to discover and practise this program. Retreats are run at various times of the year, all over the world. The hardest part is choosing your preferred location!
What if nothing else worked?
Other parenting courses focus on dominating children and controlling their problem behaviour. If you've ever felt like you're in a power struggle with your child, this program will totally change things.  
Circle of Security focuses on the connection that is created with a secure attachment between parent and child.  
If you have used sticker charts (proven not to work for children and sometimes, even encourage the negative behaviour we're trying to change), naughty corner, thinking chair, time out or 'ignoring the bad and praising the good', you will find Circle of Security very different. It doesn't matter whether your child is a newborn, 4yo, or 17yo. The strategies are effective for all relationships (yes, even romantic relationships)!  
If you're a parent who already has a really great kid, but you're worried about maintaining that connection and relationship as they travel into and through adolescence, there is something in this program for you, too. Teenagers can be hard to connect with, they are suppose to move away from you and toward their friends. But what if they're just grunting or constantly at sleep overs? How do you stay close? This program will show you what to do.
The Circle of Security was designed as an early intervention program but it's application has developed to encompass relationships throughout a child's development and into adulthood. You can even use the strategies to connect with your partner, reconnect with a parent, or deepen the relationship you have with your best friend.  
Can't join us now but want to know when the next workshop is being run in your area (or dream holiday location)? 

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